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GOTRRI 5 Year Anniversary Challenge (Event Close)

What: A virtual run/walk to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Girls on the Run RI!

The mission of girls on the Run (GOTR) is to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident by creatively integrating running and other physical activity in to a 10-week after school program. But, GOTR is so much than just a running program! Girls explore topics such as self esteem, bullying, teamwork and use running as a vehicle to build confidence, strength and set goals. Over the course of 10-weeks, girls are preparing to run a celebratory, non-competitive 5K run at the conclusion of the program where girls realize that the finish line is just the beginning. This spring 2017 Girls on the Run Rhode Island (GOTRRI) will celebrate 5 years and the 2,000 girls that have participated in the program! We want to make sure another 2,000 cross that finish line and you can help by joining our virtual challenge!

When: January 1 - March 10, 2017 (10 weeks)

Where: Run/Walk Virtual...Anywhere, Anytime. You do not need to live in Rhode Island to participate! We want to get EVERY state on the map and as many countries as we can!!!

Distance: You pick! For this virtual run you will pick the distance that you will complete during the 10-week challenge (ex: 4 miles per week for a total of 40 miles) so get creative and challenge yourself. During this challenge, we want to collectively run/walk at least 2,000 miles to celebrate the 2,000 girls that have participated in Girls on the Run RI these past 5 years! You are pledging a certain number of miles towards the 2,000! It is completely up to you how and where you complete these miles. Feel free to complete them outdoors, at the gym or at another community race!

How will it work: To have the most fun, stay motivated and reap the most benefits please join our Facebook event group for this challenge (GOTRRI Facebook Event). Over the course of 10 weeks, we will motivate you by introducing you to the powerful messages and topics that girls explore in the GOTR program. We also have some awesome swag that some lucky participants will win and a whole lot of 'ENERGY AWARDS'!

Who is this for?: This challenge is open to EVERYONE!!! Challenge yourself to make a difference in the lives of another 2,000 girls by pledging your miles today!

Registration: November 25, 2016 - January 10, 2017

How do I log my miles?: Once you register you will receive a link to fill out a Miles Report.

Charity: Girls on the Run Rhode Island

Medal/Charm Ship: The beginning of March. We want you to have your medal when you cross the Challenge Finish Line! All medals will start shipping in the first full week of March!


All participants will receive a custom electronic bib and a custom die cast medal with a die cast charm! You don't want to miss this! Registered participants will also have the chance to win some really cool GOTR swag throughout the challenge!!

$25 - U.S. residents

$34 - Canada (Additional cost to cover shipping expense)

$37 - International (Additional cost to cover shipping expense)

Miles Pledged: Once you have completed your miles, visit the Miles Report page.

There are some pretty incredible accomplishments happening for our runners/walkers! To find out more, join our Facebook event!

Event Closed

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