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Nourishing Your Network

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How to reduce bored burnout through volunteering


Colleen has spoken at dozens of conferences as an expert in technology and product management.  Colleen's passion for philanthropy has given her the opportunity to speak in various settings on volunteerism and how to reduce bored burnout through volunteering.  Colleen has a passion for networking and has given talks at Fortune 10 companies on the power of Nourishing Your Network.


On this week’s Riveting Broads’ episode, Molly and Jacqui are joined by Colleen Hendry, owner of Virtual Run Co; a business consultant, philanthropist, bowling aficionado, runner, coach, nonprofit advocate, and overall secret weapon for your technology needs, to address volunteerism, the importance of giving back and knowing your limits when you do.

The three broads talk about privilege, barriers to getting out the door and getting involved, using your unique skills to help others, what kind of service is right for you, and most importantly, what isn't!

Also, jokes!

Volunteerism, Humility and Finding the Time to Feel Fulfilled | With Colleen Hendry